Plans, ploys, patterns, positions and perspectives: Towards a typology for strategic communication

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    In this article I argue that the field of strategic communication lacks a
    vocabulary with which to understand, examine and practice the richness
    and multi-dimensionality of strategic communication. Though there have
    been several advances and vital contributions to the re-conceptualization of
    ‘strategic’, there appears to be a tendency for the field to replicate a
    similar divide in the strategic management field, namely between the
    proponents of strategic communication as being rooted in intent and the
    proponents of a more emergent understanding of strategy. By offering a
    translation of Mintzberg’s five modes of strategy, I aim at bridging the
    divide by putting forward that strategic communication can be
    conceptualized as a stream of purposeful decisions made and actions
    taken over time regarding how, when and with whom to communicate in
    order to fulfil an organization’s goals. Further I argue that while these
    decisions and actions are not contrary to the accomplishment of the
    organization’s aims, their ‘strategicness’ is not conditioned by whether or
    not they are the result of measured intent. As such, I advocate for
    conceptualizing strategic communication on a continuum from deliberate
    to emergent, from strategic communication as a plan, via ploy, pattern,
    position, to strategic communication as a perspective.
    Publikationsdatoaug. 2015
    Antal sider24
    StatusUdgivet - aug. 2015
    BegivenhedNordMedia 2015: Media Presence – Mobile Modernities - University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Danmark
    Varighed: 13 aug. 201515 aug. 2015


    KonferenceNordMedia 2015
    LokationUniversity of Copenhagen

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