Phenomenology and Otherness - on embodied encounters

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    Starting from phenomenology's notion of orientation towards and involvement with the other and the surrounding environment the paper want to pursue a development from the meeting and opening up to the universalized other of phenomenology towards a focus on encounters with particular others. It is a matter of how bodies inhabit space through shared orientations and how bodies 'in touch' embody proximity or distance. The paper has a double entrance.
    1.      On embodied constitution of otherness - about how affective relations such as practical Orientalism (and practical occidentalism), abjection or fascination are shaped between bodies, both reflecting and shaping familiarity or otherness.
    2.      On experiencing otherness - about being the object of a hostile gaze, involving double consciousness, disorientation and the feeling of being bodies out-of-place
    Keywords in the paper will be embodied encounters, practice, orientation, proximity-distance, emotion.
    Antal sider1
    StatusUdgivet - 2008
    BegivenhedAAG Annual Meeting 2008 - Boston, USA
    Varighed: 15 apr. 200819 apr. 2008


    KonferenceAAG Annual Meeting 2008

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