Participatory Communication: A Practical Guide

Thomas Tufte

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This user guide on participatory communication aims to answer the following questions: What do we mean when we say participatory communication? What are the practical implications of working with participatory communication strategies in development and social change processes? What practical experiences document that participatory communication adds value to a development project or program?

Many communication practitioners and development workers face obstacles and challenges in their practical work. A participatory communication strategy offers a very specific perspective on how to articulate social processes, decision-making processes, and any change process for that matter. Participatory approaches are nothing new. At a time when institutions, both governmental and non-governmental, increasingly seek participatory approaches in their development initative, this guide provides perspectives, tools, and experiences on how to implement participatory communications strategies. It is targeted toward government officials, World Bank staff, develompent workers in the field, and civil society.
UdgivelsesstedWashington DC
ForlagWorld Bank Publications
Antal sider50
ISBN (Trykt)978-0-8213-8008-6
StatusUdgivet - 2009
NavnWorld Bank Working Paper

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