Optimism in the research-based graphic medicine novel “Moving Along”: Generating hope for people with Parkinson’s and their caregivers through research communication about Parkinson’s dance

Lisbeth Frølunde, Grethe Lundin

Publikation: KonferencebidragKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskningpeer review


Moving Along (Frølunde et al., 2023) is a book for, with, and about people with Parkinson’s, which was co-produced as a research-based graphic novel and summary of research results. It contributes to the fields of arts and health, medical humanities, graphic medicine, and narrative medicine with knowledge about what engagement in dance, music and the arts means for people with Parkinson’s (e.g., Christensen-Strynø et al., 2021, Houston, 2019). Dance for people with Parkinson’s is spreading, especially due to Dance for PD®.
The main question addressed here is how hope can be shared in solidarity, as exemplified in the characters and narratives in Moving Along. This question brings up the relational, ethical, moral, and practical implications of co-producing a hopeful narrative on illness and the human condition (e.g., Wrigley, 2019).

Moving Along is the result of a Danish research project “Dancing with Parkinson's” funded by the VELUX Foundation (2019-2022).
The research project had two overall aims: 1) to generate knowledge about and further dance as a form of person-centered treatment of Parkinson's; and 2) to generate knowledge about the potentials and challenges of participatory research, in which people with lived experience of illness and university researchers co-produce knowledge and research communication.

The book’s co-production involved 43 co-researchers (people with Parkinson's and caregivers), 7 dance facilitators, 3 researchers, and a creative team. Ethical concerns about anonymity led to creating composite characters in Moving Along through an iterative arts-based process.
The qualitative research methodology ascribes value to personal embodied experiences and interprets meanings in narratives (including poems, songs, dances, etc.) based on a dialogic, narrative framework (Frank, 2012). It emphasizes the critical importance of eliciting people’s own stories and expressions in order to gain understanding and communicate what Parkinson’s dance means (Christensen-Strynø et.al., 2021; in press).
The book’s editorial team will be represented by Lisbeth Frølunde (researcher and family caregiver), and Grethe Lundin (co-researcher with Parkinson’s).

It was essential for the co-researchers, that the book, through graphic storytelling and humor, generates hope, shows ways of finding new meaning in life (including dance), and raises awareness about life with Parkinson’s.
Publikationsdato4 jul. 2023
StatusUdgivet - 4 jul. 2023
Begivenhed6th World Parkinson Congress - Barcelona, Spanien
Varighed: 4 jul. 20237 jul. 2023


Konference6th World Parkinson Congress

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