Negotiating Sustainability in (Future) Agrifood Educations: A Praxiographic Case-study

Publikation: KonferencebidragPaperForskningpeer review


With this article, we will explore the sensitivity of sustainability in agrifood education, and its situated enactments. The aim is to investigate how sustainability comes into being, as well as out of being, and how assemblages are formed and constitute what sustainability “is” in higher agrifood education. The papers’ analysis foregrounds an ontological choreography 43 that stages dynamic interactions of multiple human and nonhuman actors. The theoretical framework is grounded in Science and Technology Studies and methodologies within the
scientific field of poststructuralism/posthumanism. With this paper, we will not present conclusions as finished descriptions, but present an epistemological fieldwork that through a non-dualistic approach presents sustainability as a multiple actor that goes beyond dominating dichotomies in agrifood education today. The case-study illustrates educational practices where sustainability is negotiated within a variety of dichotomies, scientific paradigms and individual values. The themes identified are; The local-global dichotomy; Right-wrong sustainability; Conflicting scientific paradigms; Care: emotional engagement,
ethics and activism. This paper provides a theoretical and empirical perspective in
educational practices where knowledge-making is situated and performed, and complex concepts are negotiated.


KonferenceNordic Science and Technology Studies Conference 2021

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