Negotiating contingent knowledges in a time of epistemic doubt: towards a framework for the analysis and practice of interactive research communication

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    How can/should we produce and communicate social scientific knowledge with authority under conditions of epistemic doubt? If all knowledge is contingent and if truth is a discursive effect rather than the final claim about reality - as post-foundationalism suggests - how can we formulate and provide support for contingent knowledge-claims? And how can the communication of social scientificknowlege be theorised and practised as the negotiation between social scientific knowledge and other forms of contingent knowledge rather than the one-way transmission of universal, value-free truth-claims? In the paper, I outline an approach to addressing the final question. The approach is based on a combination of approaches to the production of knowledge developed in post-foundationalist sociology and philosophy of science, approaches to the communication of knowlege developed within communication studies and approaches to interactive, participatory research. The idea for the case-study is sketched out. The focus of the case-study is how social scientific knowledge is communicated in an interacttive participatory research initiative in Denmark designed to further the production and application of educational knowledge in relation to the adoption of learning-plans in child-care institutions. The planned analysis will concentrate on the negotiation between different knowledge forms and the possible clashes of epistemic interests that occur when social scientists' documents are consumed and used in practice by researchers, college lecturers and child-care professionals.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2006
    BegivenhedResearch as a subversive activity - Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester, Storbritannien
    Varighed: 20 aug. 200622 aug. 2006


    KonferenceResearch as a subversive activity
    ByManchester Metropolitan University, Manchester

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