Multidimensional Inequalities: International Perspectives Across Welfare States

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Multidimensional Inequalities is a deep dive into the historical contexts and contemporary realities that negatively influence society and its structures. It is often overlooked that inequality is not just about income and wealth but rather a broad spectrum of intersecting factors. This book focuses on each aspect individually, analysing its effect on welfare systems, and informs about the instruments available to reduce inequality.

-Answers a growing need for well-researched knowledge on inequality and on whether and how societies will be able to reduce it
-Presents a comprehensive overview of inequality
-Analyses and discusses inequalities from an interdisciplinary approach
ForlagDe Gruyter
Antal sider179
ISBN (Trykt)9783110714203
ISBN (Elektronisk)9783110714371
StatusUdgivet - 25 okt. 2021
NavnDe Gruyter Contemporary Social Sciences

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