Miliutine C methyl ester, a new drimane sesquiterpene and bioactive alkaloids from the stems of Miliusa velutina

Thi Thuy Duong Ngo, Ngoc Phuc Bui, Thi Kieu Loan Vo, Thi My Nuong Nguyen, Hoang Khang Le, Thanh Tung Phan, Poul Erik Hansen, Quang Ton That*

*Corresponding author

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


Previous results from the our research group have isolated numerous compounds, including novel ones, but the anticancer activity of Miliusa velutina has not been demonstrated. In this study, from the most active ethyl acetate extract of the stems of Miliusa velutina, seven compounds were isolated and determined structures, including a new drimane sesquiterpenoid compound named miliutine C methyl ester (1) and three bioactive alkaloids (5-7). These three alkaloids (5-7) exhibited strong anticancer activities against various cancer cell lines such as MCF-7, HepG2, HeLa, NCI H460 and normal fibroblasts. Especially, on MCF-7 and normal fibroblasts with values of IC50 (μM) in order for compounds 5 (3.38, 31.15), 6 (21.96, 102.00), 7 (7.90, greater than 300), to compare with positive control camptothecin (0.020, 4.51); which is highly noteworthy. These results contribute to elucidating and confirming the value of Miliusa velutina, similar to other published and folkloric findings.
TidsskriftNatural Product Research
StatusUdgivet - 2024


  • alkaloid
  • cytotoxic activities
  • drimane
  • Miliusa velutina
  • miliutine C methyl ester

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