Media, participation & performance design: Performing citizenship through media interventions and design

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This presentation will discuss methods of arts, activism and aesthetics that confront global mobility by inserting itself in nomadic and marginal dynamics. In search for new perspectives on citizenship, mobility and becoming the panel aims to question conventional ways of approaching identity and citizenship by reframing citizenship as a mode of performance and expression. The panel is based in various cooperations and connections between performance scholars Kristine Samson and Michael Haldrup and media/performance collectives Jamboy (Lasse Mouritzen), Other-Story, Escuela Sim Mouros and others. Through a variety of performance and media interventions on citizenship, migration and climate activism we adress how participatory performance designs may reactivate spaces of global boundaries and potentials. Hence, the work discussed bring forth ways of diverging and questioning contemporary mobility in regard to the ‘margin’ and open up possibilities of intercultural encounters. Departing from the notion of citizenship as a right you acquire, and instead
focusing on it as right that has to be enacted and performed the panel will discuss the potential for participatory performance design as a means for re-wiring communication, connection and co- existence. Hence, the aim of the presentation is to share the participatory, affective and socio-aesthetic character of each projects to elaborate on methods and complexities in social and ephemeral design and furthermore to address the potentials and issues of rights and citizenship through the lenses of participatory performance design.
Publikationsdato12 nov. 2020
StatusUdgivet - 12 nov. 2020
BegivenhedCommunication for Change miniFEST: Life Stories, Dis/Connections and the Postcolonial - Malmö University &Loughborough University London, (hybrid conference)
Varighed: 12 nov. 202012 feb. 2021


KonferenceCommunication for Change miniFEST
LokationMalmö University &Loughborough University London
By(hybrid conference)

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