Mapping “well-being”: A reflective workshop

Lisbeth Frølunde, Birgitte S. Henningsen

Publikation: KonferencebidragKonferenceabstrakt til konferenceForskningpeer review


The workshop invites participants to explore the theme of “well-being” via arts-based practices and reflect on the experience.
Our aims are to: 1) exemplify a teaching exercise based on creating maps related to bodily sensation and space, and 2) bring attention to university programs as arenas for training arts-based approaches that contribute to developing sensory-based arts programs in public health practices at large.

Theory and method
Our inspiration is arts-based research and artistic, cartographic approaches. We draw on narrative and visual inquiry, maps as world-making, e.g., author Ursula K. Leguin’s maps of fictional worlds, poetic parlor games with maps of emotions, and everyday practices with map apps.
The “well-being” exercise is scaffolded around a sensory process of group drawing, writing stories, and imagining maps. It involves questioning what well-being is and reassembling ideas and impressions on well-being in collaboration with others. It is framed as a playful process intended to tame self-critical thoughts and attune to the moment sensorially.

Key reflections
As facilitators of arts-based workshop activities we know that there is an on-going need to qualify how the arts-based activities can contribute to education and public health fields. The workshop offers opportunities for reflecting on:
- the potentials in the mapping well-being exercise, e.g. stress reduction,
- the challenges of integrating the arts-based approaches and aesthetic learning in higher education, e.g. evaluation,
- the impact of higher education on developing arts-based programs for public health in the Nordic countries.
StatusUdgivet - 2023
BegivenhedNordic Arts & Health Research Network Meeting
: Theme: public health
- Competence Center for Primary Healthcare, Region Skåne, Malmø, Sverige
Varighed: 11 maj 202312 maj 2023


SeminarNordic Arts & Health Research Network Meeting
LokationCompetence Center for Primary Healthcare, Region Skåne


  • Visual methods
  • health care
  • artsbased research

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