'Little Pride, Little Joy': The Tragedy Behind Assaf-Mania

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The Gaza Strip seems to have moved on from Mohammed Assaf’s victory in the Arab Idol. For its political elite and residents, a tumultuous Egypt, border closures, continuing political split and a worsening of the gas crisis, have all re-emerged as prominent issues of concern. For observers, a euphoric sense of triumph, a rare moment of Palestinian unity and a Palestinian story that didn’t involve violence, has once again given way to images of a broken spirit. But, as this musical feat seems to have been quickly transformed into a minor blip (of happiness) in the lives of Palestinians, few have truly grasped the manner in which this moment of euphoric joy, in fact reflected a landscape of absolute tragedy.
Publikationsdato17 jul. 2013
StatusUdgivet - 17 jul. 2013
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