Lets Talk podcast- Ethnically Mixed Couples in Denmark: The White side of Ethnically Mixed Denmark by Saadia Whitehead based on Rashmi Singla interview

Rashmi Singla (Producent)

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Rashmi Singla is one of my professors from Roskilde University. Besides being my professor, she worked with me on a workshop, where we introduced exchange students to the danish culture and how to get acquainted with it.

We never saw each other since 2007, until we met on International Women’s Day 2018 and since then I’d wanted to speak to her about her teachings and especially her book:

Intermarriage and Mixed Parenting, Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing - Crossover Love: Marriages across ethnic borders are increasing in frequency, yet little is known of how discourses of 'normal' families, ethnicity, race, migration, globalisation affect couples and children involved in these mixed marriages. This book explores mixed marriage though intimate stories drawn from the real lives of visibly different couples.

We talk about the book and her research. What her key findings were and what advice she has for couples in mixed marriages.

StatusUdgivet - 2020

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