learning environments and the learning proces of interaction

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    In recent years, learning in working life has been launched as an important approach in relation to the urgent need for competence-development in our modern knowledge society. But what does it mean in practice? What can and what cannot be learned on the job; what is learned better at courses and schools; who is responsible for the learning, and who is to foot the bill? There are plenty of far-reaching questions to be tackled in connection with this exciting new development. At Learning Lab Denmark, a consortium of sixteen researchers have worked with these issues over a three-year period, and their results, findings and recommendations are summed up in this book. The book ranges from the background for this development, over general mapping of the area from social, learning and political angles, the development of an overview model and analysis of a wide variety of practical approaches to the concluding perspectives on a practical, a theoretical and a political level. On the practical level, the door is opened for close interaction between workplaces and educational organisers, and politically for broad cooperation between the state, the partners in the labour market, and educational institutions. The authors' approach is at one and the same time practical, constructive and critical. The book is co-written by the sixteen researchers and edited by the consortium's research director, Professor Knud Illeris from Roskilde University and Learning Lab Denmark. This is an up-to-date basic text with a comprehensive presentation of this interesting field with all its challenges and potential.
    TitelLearning in working life
    RedaktørerKnud Illeris
    Antal sider17
    ForlagRoskilde Universitetsforlag
    ISBN (Trykt)87-7867-295-3
    StatusUdgivet - 2004

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