Japan between tradition and renewal: Beyond metabolism

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"The film “Beyond Metabolism” portrays the International Congress Centre in Kyoto, built in 1966 by Sachio Otani. It became known as the setting for the signing of the ‘Kyoto Protocol’. The film captures the atmosphere of the building and thereby raises the question of what impact the Metabolist architecture had on the outcome of the congress.

In conversation with Viktoria Diemer Bennetzen, the sociologist Professor Anni Greve will take a closer look ‘beyond metabolism’ - the last architectural avantgarde from Japan. They will examine the transition from Metabolism to contemporary architecture and ask what is still visible in the cityscapes. Furthermore, according to Greve’s publication “Learning from Tokyo urbanism: The urban sanctuaries”, they will figure out how traditions frame interactions between strangers. Thereby, the tea ceremony serves as an example for spaces in-between public and private. What is the status and function of tradition in today’s Japanese society? How does it manifest in architecture and urban life? And what specific role does it play in the differences between rural and urban architecture?"
StatusUdgivet - 2017
BegivenhedCopenhagen Architecture Festival : Beyond metabolism - Dansk Arkitektur Center, København, Danmark
Varighed: 27 apr. 20177 maj 2017


AndetCopenhagen Architecture Festival
LokationDansk Arkitektur Center

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