Italienske paletter - 200 stregtegninger fra skitse- og notesbøger

Bjørn Laursen

Publikation: AndetAndet bidragForskning


Udstillingen er lavet i tilknytning til projektet: Experiencing Rome.
My project is to write a book about how I experience Rome today from a performance-design point of view. It is a phenomenological study of what it means to experience Rome as a centre where art seems to be appearing almost everywhere. The phenomenon of experiencing has unique possibilities in the Italian capital. Since "the Golden Age" Danish artists have visited this unique global source of inspiration. Theoretically - as well as empirically - my focus will be on visual and multi sensory studies of the surrounding Roman city. Intensively practising my drawing process on location is a part of my hermeneutical work. This will be an essential contribution to the final publication, which introduces combined artistic and scientific methods.
Udgivelsesdato: 08.10.– 20.11.2009
UdgivelsesstedRoskilde Universitetsbibliotek
StatusUdgivet - 2009

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