IT-Governance in Local Governments

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IT governance has attracted increasing attention in the light of the digitalisation of the public sector. This paper investigates how IT governance is conducted in local governments. Findings are presented from a case study of IT governance in a medium-sized Danish municipality. The following research question is posed: how does a municipality conduct IT governance within the school sector? This research question addresses the overall issue of local governments’ transition to e-government.

According to a theoretical framework addressing the organisation of IT-governance, and the distribution of leadership in public organisations, the analysis focuses on how actors at different levels of the municipality conduct IT governance. The focus is both on the organisation of the IT department, as well on IT governance distributed at different levels throughout the organisation. The empirical data consists of qualitative interviews with leading managers within the municipality, and with the headmasters of two local schools, as well as shadowing of the local CIO.

The findings reveal that the organisation of the interaction between the IT department and the local schools plays a crucial role in the enactment of IT governance. In this case, the problem of a fragmented organisation was solved by the creation of a hybrid organisation. Insights from this case study can therefore help CIOs from other local governments to learn how to successfully conduct IT governance.

The case also shows how IT governance is distributed among a range of different actors at several levels of the organisation. The distribution of IT governance takes place in two directions. The first direction is from the top of the organisation (here the IT department) towards the bottom of the organisation (here a particular local school). The other direction is among different professionals where competence in the usage of IT is distributed from the professionals in the IT department to the professionals of the school sector. The insights of distributed leadership in two directions is a finding, which is salient to theoretical debates about IT governance.
Publikationsdato1 okt. 2018
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StatusUdgivet - 1 okt. 2018
BegivenhedThe 18th European Conference on Digital Government - Campus Vida, Santiago de Compostella, Spanien
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KonferenceThe 18th European Conference on Digital Government
LokationCampus Vida
BySantiago de Compostella

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