Intimacies Across Borders: ‘Gaze’ and Gender Perspectives in Round table: Transnational Intimacies: New Perspectives on Sexuality, Love, Money & Mobility

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The paper presents some psychosocial aspects about couples, where one partner originates from the global ’South’ (India/ Pakistan) and the other from the global ‘North’ (Denmark). The basis is an exploratory research project about intermarried couples constituting “visibly ethnically different households“ (Phoenix, 2011). However, intermarried couples are still almost invisible as a statistical category and in psychosocial services in the Danish context.
The theoretical framework combines intersectionality approach, with life course perspective and the everyday life practices. The diasporic identity and transnational relations are also included. The explorative study is based on depth interviews with ‘ordinary’ persons in mixed marriage (n = 10). The contextual tension between the concepts of ethnicity and ‘race’ related to the ‘visible differences’ is also a part of the framework.
The results indicate both the risks and the opportunities involved, highlighting not only the internal aspects- family relationships but also a variety of social influences on subjectively experienced feelings and expressive behaviour -- the external aspect , such as the structural aspects , ‘gaze’ towards couples’ ‘visible differences’. The dynamics are grounded in the life trajectories of the couples, forming basis for some suggestions for relevant mental health promotion as well as counselling for distressed couples.
Publikationsdatoapr. 2012
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StatusUdgivet - apr. 2012
BegivenhedÅrskonference i Foreningen for Kønsforskning: Tro, Håb & Kærlighed - Rethinking Gender & Power After the Affective Turn - RUC, Roskilde, Danmark
Varighed: 11 maj 201211 maj 2012


KonferenceÅrskonference i Foreningen for Kønsforskning

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Over all Round Table abstract:
In recent years migration studies have begun to address the ways in which sexual-monetary exchanges facilitate and motivate mobility between poorer countries in the Global South and countries in the Global North. This includes a heightened focus on topics such as sex work, transactional sex, sex tourism, interracial, inter ethnic and intergenerational relationships often set against a context of global inequalities, transnational movements, migration and mobility. Theoretically, these topics challenge widespread dichotomies and assumptions which tend to separate money and sex, intimacy and power, love and labour. However, recent discussions evolving around affect, global-care-chains and moral spheres of exchange have disrupted our previous theoretical frameworks.
This has opened for a new range of approaches which address how global power relations, policies and economic flows intersect with race, class and gender within and across national boundaries. How can these intersections be explored and explained when we study sexuality, love, money and mobility in transnational encounters.

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