Integrative climate leadership in multi-level policy packages for urban mobility - A study of governance systems in two Nordic urban regions

Anders Tønnesen*, Gro Sandkjær Hanssen, Karsten Bruun Hansen, Sandra C. Valencia

*Corresponding author

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningpeer review


This paper involves a comparative study of policymaking related to urban transport in the Gothenburg and Oslo regions. It sets out to show how strong climate leadership relates to the integration of policy measures and governance systems. Methodologically, we apply document analysis and qualitative interviews with key informants. Our clearest finding is the importance of the city's contextual governance framework for integrative climate leadership. The strong components of the leadership in Oslo—involving both horizontal and upward coordination—rely on a well-developed governance framework with operationalised goals, strategies and steering tools. This enables them to utilise multiple types of climate leadership. This contrasts with the lower degree of integration and defensiveness in Gothenburg, in terms of willingness to use effective but politically sensitive policy measures.

TidsskriftTransport Policy
Sider (fra-til)309-317
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - nov. 2022


  • Climate leadership
  • Integrative governance
  • Policy packages

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