Innovation Insights in the Danish Facility Management Sector

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    Purpose: This paper investigates innovation in the Danish facilities management
    sector and addresses the following research question: “Do Danish FM organizations innovate and if so what are the major types of innovations in the Danish FM sector?”
    Background: In the last three decades, Facilities Management (FM) has established
    itself as a key service sector, with a diverse and highly competitive market of FM
    contractors, in-house FM teams, FM suppliers, FM consultants, and professional FM institutions. Traditionally, innovation processes in service firms have often been
    characterised as being unsystematic and not science-based and often resulting into ad-hoc innovations that were not really strategically planned. Recent literature, however, has showed that service firms also innovate and their innovations are also of strategic, organized nature.
    Approach (Theory/Methodology): The study takes the starting point in the literature on facilities management, services and service innovation, and adopts a qualitative research approach to investigate the research question. Specifically twelve interviews were conducted with key managers in twelve Danish companies in the Danish facilities management sector.
    Results: The results show that for big service providers, innovation is a strategic
    activity and is conducted as a planned and systematic process. For FM service
    customer with their own FM department, the results are mixed: some of the FM
    departments have innovation as a strategic priority and clear innovation strategies
    while other FM departments do innovate without being aware that innovation is
    taking place. The “ICT Supplier/Consultants” are found to be innovative and their
    innovations are both driven by the user needs and by the desire to improve their
    Practical Implications: The study has implications for service innovation
    researchers, facilities management researchers as well as facility managers.
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    StatusUdgivet - 2011
    BegivenhedNordic Facilities Management Conference: Research for Practice-Visions for Future - DTU, Lyngby, Danmark
    Varighed: 22 aug. 201123 aug. 2011


    KonferenceNordic Facilities Management Conference


    • Innovation
    • facility management
    • services

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