Innovation and university interaction with industry in Colombia: Policies, experiences and future challenges

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This study proceeds from the World Bank's assessment that Colombian innovation system could significantly contribute to the development of a knowledge-based economy, but its potential has not been fully realized. The present study undertakes an analysis of the institutional framework for university interaction with industry within the context of the overall innovation system. The overarching objective of the study is to make policy recommendations that may assist the Colombian government in promoting science and technology driven economic development. The study seeks to arrive at the formulation of policy recommendations by addressing the following set of research questions: a) What are the framework conditions for innovation and what is the nature of the institutional set-up of the innovation system in Colombia? b) Which institutions, rules, programs and policies have been introduced to stimulate (i) university interaction with industry and (ii) innovation? c) How does the Colombian innovation system compare in terms of institutional set-up with other Latin American countries and the developed countries? d) Building upon this comparison, which institutional reforms could improve the performance of the Colombian innovation system?
ForlagWorld Bank
StatusUdgivet - 2006
Udgivet eksterntJa

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