If 'There is nothing like Australia', then 'Where the Bloody Hell' does it leave us?

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If, as the call for papers suggests, there is 'no going back to simplistic national narratives', then I would like to begin by paper by asking, when did they disappear? In my paper I would like to explore the territory between on the one hand the project of abandoning the image of say a homogeneous and safely white Australia, and, on the other, the remarkable resilience and the dynamic processes of recreating/redefining/reifying the homogeneous (white) nation. In other words I intend to explore how the dynamics of resurrecting the homogeneous interacts/collides/coincides with (the expectedly) dynamically globalised, post-multicultural reality of contemporary Australia. And I might just do this through the tourist lense, as one site where the dynamic heterogeneity of a globalised society confronts the neatly packaged image of the nation in its most reduced form.
Publikationsdato12 sep. 2011
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - 12 sep. 2011
Begivenhed11th Biennial EASA Conference - University of Presov, Presov, Slovakiet
Varighed: 12 sep. 201115 sep. 2011


Konference11th Biennial EASA Conference
LokationUniversity of Presov
AndetEuropean Association for Australian Studies

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Published as abstract in collection of abstracts submitted for the EASA conference in Presov


  • Australia
  • tourism

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