Global 1989 in El Salvador

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1989 can be regarded as a regional moment (and not as a global moment) in Latin America and for the inter-American relations. The changes in El Salvador (moderation of guerrilla, change of UCA academics‘ position, tamed right-wing in power) were rather accelerated through the rebels’ offensive and the Jesuit murder in November than aborted. In addition, together with the Nicaraguan Sandinistas‘willingness to allow elections and the end of dictatorial rule in Chile, the order of the day seemed to be democratisation and pacification of conflicts by democratic means. The US invasion in Panama further constituted a contrast that mirrored the shift from a Cold war view in Washington to the “war on drugs” – maybe a result of the perceived pacification and (re-) democratization in the subcontinent. Latin America subsequently turned to regional (trade) blocs.
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StatusUdgivet - 2009
Begivenhed1989 in a Global Perspective - Leipzig, Tyskland
Varighed: 14 okt. 200916 okt. 2009


Konference1989 in a Global Perspective

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