Gay Immigrants and Grindr: Revitalizing Queer Urban Spaces?

Andrew DJ Shield

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In this (open-access) essay, I assess the idea that Grindr and related apps render urban gay spaces obsolete, and offer three counter-arguments based on my research with immigrants and tourists who use Grindr. In short: newcomers who use Grindr might actually bring new life to queer urban spaces, because...
1. Newcomers don’t use Grindr in the same way they use (physical) queer spaces;
2. Newcomers use Grindr *in* queer spaces; and
3. Newcomers often have better luck finding sex offline.

The essay is part of the "Spotlight on Disruptive Urban Technologies" by the International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.
Udgave"Spotlight On Disruptive Urban Technologies"
StatusUdgivet - 2018
NavnInternational Journal of Urban and Regional Research

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