Europa e Africa - Anatomia di un incontro

Marco Zoppi

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The book title translates as: "Europe and Africa: anatomy of an encounter" and deals with the historical relations between the continents, from slavery to contemporary relations, passing through colonialism and its distortions. The establishment of borders and nation-states is put under focus with the scope of connecting present realities with their antecedents, while the concept of "Eurafrica" is analyzed in order to underline the persistent idea that Europe and Africa have a common (though unequal) destiny.


Foreword- Two continents, one story?
Introduction- An outline of institutions, society and market in Africa- Colonial Distortions- Independence and "Postcolonial"
Chapter I - The borders in Africa: an overview 1.1 The critical issues of European borders in Africa 1.2 Pre-colonial Africa and the value of land 1.3 The appearance of arbitrary lines 1.4 Africa after the borders 1.5 Borders as lines of instability
Chapter II - Beyond the Nation-State 2.1 The concept of nation-state: a comparison between Europe and Africa 2.2 Giving new meaning to the concept of "migration": why not in Africa? 2.3 Why is that an urgent matter? 2.4 Migrants and social policies
Chapter III - Saying Europe, meaning Eurafrica 3.1 The accounts with the past 3.2 Eurafrica, profile of an ideology 3.3 Eurafrica today
ForlagEdizioni Eiffel
Antal sider81
ISBN (Elektronisk)978 88 95447 28 5
StatusUdgivet - 31 mar. 2016

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