Empowering urban communities through activist research and long term engagement. Cases from Roskilde university Abstract for The Common City Conference, Uppsala, 11-13.th September John Andersen, Aske Tybirk Kvist, Martin Severin Frandsen, Roskilde University

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This paper pulls together reflections with action research in community work and urban policy from the past decades. We will present three cases rooted in different but complementary theoretical and methodological approaches.
The Charlotteager case: Collective, experimental learning processes in community work inspired by the Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) approach in neighborhood (re)development, inspired by the Chicago school specifically the pragmatist philosophy of John Dewey and the activist practices of the Hull House Settlement.
The Nørrebro United case. Empowering a community oriented soccer club from the inside. This approach is inspired by Antonio Gramsci and Olav Eikeland. Through a critical engagement med the soccer club’s capacity for becoming accessible to kids from marginalized housing estates, this action research project undertakes a transformation of practice from the inside through strengthening the interplay with the local community as well as an activist engagement with changing the urban infrastructures of soccer and the municipal policies of leisur
The Lynetteholm Case.
Lynetteholm is an infrastructural megaproject – the creation of a huge artificial island the harbour of Copenhagen. The project as been much disputed due to its possible negative impact on the marine environment in vast areas of The Baltic Sea, highly speculative financialization, but due to the city of Copenhagen’s debt driven development scheme, the knowledge basis is produced in a dubious way. Citizen activists and critical experts in Stop Lynetteholm is disputing the knowledge-base and legitimazy of the project possibly bringing the project to a halt. Inspired by the phronetic case study tradition (Flyvbjerg and Foucault) challenges dominant discources etc and systemetic action research (Burns)
Publikationsdato1 maj 2024
StatusAfsendt - 1 maj 2024
BegivenhedThe-common-city-conference - Uppsalla Universitet, Uppsalla, Sverige
Varighed: 11 sep. 202413 sep. 2024
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LokationUppsalla Universitet

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