Eight Senses Plus Two

Camelia Elias

    Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportBogFormidling


    This volume of prose poems takes the reader through a journey which starts in the living-room. At the core of the collection are a number of Socratic dialogic exchanges between the main speaker of each poem and a number of other figures (fictional and non-fictional). The initiating conversations between a woman and a man continue through dialogues between the woman speaker and other voices (mainly academics and writers) and culminate with exchanges between the woman's voice and that of literary protagonists. There is an intended symmetry at work between the poems which are dedicated to real-life authors and the poems which are dedicated to fictional characters. The poems show how literature is entangled with the geography of being on more than one level.

    "These poems are clever and beautiful," -- Andrei Codrescu

    "These poems are sexy and dangerous." -- Robert Gibbons

    "The logic of the grave is here." -- Tina Parke Sutherland

    ForlagEyecorner Press
    Antal sider63
    ISBN (Trykt)978-8-7992-4561-1
    StatusUdgivet - 2008

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