Efficient Spatial Keyword Search in Trajectory Databases

Gao Cong, Hua Lu, Beng Chin Ooi, Dongxiang Zhang, Meihui Zhang

Publikation: Working paperPreprint


An increasing amount of trajectory data is being annotated with text descriptions to better capture the semantics associated with locations. The fusion of spatial locations and text descriptions in trajectories engenders a new type of top-k queries that take into account both aspects. Each trajectory in consideration consists of a sequence of geo-spatial locations associated with text descriptions. Given a user location λ and a keyword set ψ, a top-k query returns k trajectories whose text descriptions cover the keywords ψ and that have the shortest match distance. To the best of our knowledge, previous research on querying trajectory databases has focused on trajectory data without any text description, and no existing work has studied such kind of top-k queries on trajectories. This paper proposes one novel method for efficiently computing top-k trajectories. The method is developed based on a new hybrid index, cell-keyword conscious B+-tree, denoted by \cellbtree, which enables us to exploit both text relevance and location proximity to facilitate efficient and effective query processing. The results of our extensive empirical studies with an implementation of the proposed algorithms on BerkeleyDB demonstrate that our proposed methods are capable of achieving excellent performance and good scalability.
UdgiverCoRR, Cornell University Library
Antal sider12
StatusUdgivet - 2012

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