Developing infrastructure for electric passenger-cars in the corridor between Southern Scandinavia and Germany

Clement Guasco, Per Homann Jespersen, Sandrina Lohse, Jean Paulo Endres

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    Germany, Sweden and Denmark all have developed plans for the implementation of e-mobility on national levels. The degree of progress varies, but in practice, e-mobility projects are often limited to cities and isolated from one another. Cross-border collaboration can thus help to share best-practices through the collaboration of all actors and ensure a more homogeneous development of e-mobility solutions within the corridor, both on technological and planning aspects. This workshop gathered actors from all three countries in a triple helix perspective including public authorities, businesses and academic institutions. A strategy for the development of infrastructure for electric passenger-cars in the corridor was formed using the “Future Creating” methodology. The workshop was part of the SCANDRIA Action Programme and pointed towards ways for e-mobility in the region. The workshop also provided an opportunity for cross-border networking and knowledge sharing.
    Publikationsdatofeb. 2012
    StatusUdgivet - feb. 2012

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