Cultural transformativity, solidarity economy and intersectional learning: a theoretical framework

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This paper foreground a theoretical framework applying an interdisciplinary and synergetic model of cultural transformativity, solidarity economy and intersectional learning. Drawing upon a single case study of a civic society organization (CSO) in Denmark I identify cultural and arts based transformations and a reciprocity social and solidarity economy as framings of the CSO. The theoretical framing pro-vides a sensitive and adaptive approach that enables a nuanced representation of my case study. INSP is a local community and cultural platform for a mixed group of people and multitude arenas: learning, empowerment, social entrepreneurship, culture, food, music, bodily and aesthetic activities and citizen-ship. The theoretical framework apply ‘commons and commoning’ and social and solidarity economy as a context for transformative cultural processes and products that in addition harvest from intersection-al learning. In doing so, the interactional, cultural and creative transformations are at center integrat-ing the organizational hybridity and value creation. In a short period of time, INSP has grown consider-ably and developed a varied project portfolio that addresses work integration and creative and cultural entrepreneurship by young and adult unemployed. In self-organized and autonomous workshops differ-ent actors address how growth and upskilling can be performed when individual take charge them-selves. The group of actors include a blend of young people in vulnerable positions from the social psy-chiatry, a large and diverse group of ordinary local citizens, professionals and local social hosts. The activity portfolio include upskilling and work training, food deliveries and kitchen service for women with different ethnic background, focal point for local citizens interested in doing music, arts, media and redesign, participating in common eating and social events, a workshop of sound and music pro-duction, film workshop and Roskilde Strength Club that provides bodily exercise and HolidayINSP that organizes creative and leisure activities. Data was provided through observations and fieldwork, semi-structured interviews, self-reported evaluation and participants’ outcome trajectories
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StatusUdgivet - 2019
Begivenhed3rd WG2 Research Workshop on “Unlocking the transformative potential of culture and the arts through SE”
- University of Malta, Valetta, Malta
Varighed: 4 nov. 20195 nov. 2019
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Workshop3rd WG2 Research Workshop on “Unlocking the transformative potential of culture and the arts through SE”
LokationUniversity of Malta

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