Critical analysis of new Themes and Trends of SHRM in Business Ethics and Philosophy of Management

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Critical reflections on SHRM (strategic human resource management) from the point of view of business ethics are important in the present context where we see a strong moralization of SHRM paradigms with focus on virtuous employees with full integrity in ethical organizations that also are marked by full organizational integrity. In the perspective, this overview chapter on current themes of SHRM will propose a friendly, critical evaluation of the importance and legitimacy of the new SHRM paradigm that combines concepts of sustainability, CSR and ethics with the effort to improve and develop the human resources of the firm. An important dimension is the examination of the ethical and moral presuppositions of the present "authenticity" paradigm of SHRM. What is socially responsible human resource management and how does this relate to human rights and sustainability? What view of human beings is at work in the basic formulation of the paradigm and what are the consequences for organizations and social issues in society in general? Indeed, we will also draw on possible theoretical tools in the tradition of business ethics research to understand this phenomena in the perspective of a theoretical pluralism that confront different dimensions and forms of arguments with each other.

TitelEmerging Trends in Global Organizational Science Phenomena : Critical Roles of Politics, Leadership, Stress, and Context
RedaktørerGerald R. Ferris, Pamela L. Perrewé, Adebowale Akande
Antal sider11
UdgivelsesstedNew York
ForlagNova Science Publishers
Publikationsdato11 jun. 2021
ISBN (Trykt)9781536191752
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781536195507
StatusUdgivet - 11 jun. 2021

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