Contextualisation Matters: Aligning Social Enterprises to Nation-State Diversity

Christian Franklin Svensson

    Publikation: AndetUdgivelser på nettet - Net-publikationForskningpeer review


    Whether or not social enterprises (SE) contribute to a constructive development of nation-states’ social systems depends on how they are adapted to national and local traditions and circumstances. This seems to be a major challenge in research, because statistical and economistic studies often discuss, compare and attempt to transfer the same solutions to a diversity of social structures. Instead we need to approach new social initiatives in an active and open discussion in order to counteract a seemingly endless pursuit of new universalised initiatives to address social challenges. The relationship between universalism and local context can be conceptualised by the fact that there is a global moral universe of moral and egalitarian principles of humanity as a whole, but that these principles and ideals must always be negotiated in the local context.
    Publikationsdato26 feb. 2015
    StatusUdgivet - 26 feb. 2015

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