Complexions of Project Management: Pathfinding, Mountain Climbing or Wilderness Exploration?

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The research field of project management has begun an interesting transition of paradigms between classical project management and the rethinking paradigm. The large challenge in practice and theory is how to develop practices where both perspectives are used according to needs, and even how to apply these practices. We need theories that link paradigmatic logical explanations and assumptions with actions and activity to move this transition forward.
We already have well-founded theoretical frameworks for this division, though they fall short because of two underlying premises: 1) the first is the assumption that projects belong to one type of paradigm and it is possible to for central decision-making stakeholders to choose which paradigms the project or the stakeholders themselves belong to, 2) the realization that emergent complexity results in an unsolvable challenge of deriving normative proposals for action that entails best-practices. We solve this deadlock by drawing on inspiration from the landscape of research methodologies and combine these with the paradigms of project management in a pluralistic manner in order to understand how they can complement each other. We find that many projects do not belong to a single paradigm but rather can be understood to contain different complexions from each paradigm, one more dominant than the other at different times in a project. The multifaceted view means that we can draw on actions and activities from the other paradigms in order to progress projects towards their desired ends. This is an important contribution as we still lack theories that help project managers in practice get to grips with understanding as well as assist them with proposals for actions that produce future benefits.
Publikationsdato3 jan. 2019
Antal sider11
StatusUdgivet - 3 jan. 2019
BegivenhedPaper Development Workshop : Project studies and project management - Roskilde Universitet, Søminestationen, Holbæk, Danmark
Varighed: 3 jan. 20194 jan. 2019
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WorkshopPaper Development Workshop
LokationRoskilde Universitet, Søminestationen
AndetThe research group within the ’Danish Project Management Association’ invites to a paper development workshop in ’Project Studies and Project Management’to take place at Roskilde University’s external campus at Søminestationen right at Holbæk Fjord.This Paper Development Workshop (PDW) seeks to provide developmental opportunities for PhD students and early career scholars who are based in Denmark and do research in the field of project studies and project management. The PDW aims to help participants develop their research and academic writing skills. It also seeks to increase participants’ awareness of the requirements, expectations, and procedures involved in the review processes at top peer-reviewed academic journals through presentations and first-hand discussion with scholars.In particular, we aim to support participants to develop their papers into journal articles dealing with studies of or management of projects.Furthermore, PDW also includes activities to foster discussions and knowledge sharing amongproject managementresearchers in Denmark.

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