Community health promotion approaches within institutions for disabled

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    From a two years study of 3 special educational institutions for disabled in Zealand, Denmark, we have done qualitative studies of the focus-areas that the institutions have pointed out as their Best Practices of Health Promotion in everyday life. We have in general followed research questions: What practices do special institutions for people with developmental disabilities believe to be health promoting, and will a research based reconstruction of these practices with health promotion concepts have anything to offer for professionals in this area? How will the involved parties experience each other practices and is possible to establish a mutual institutional learning process, as a surplus to normal quality control (NPM)? What understandings of psyche, individual, mind-body-spirit, health promotion etc. are involved in these practices, and how do they relate to the institutional culture of these institutions? We have done a number of qualitative observations, interviews and desk-top studies, and hereafter included the institutions to both verify and guide for further investigations. We have established several workshops for mutual learning of research-praxis studies and comments from the observed institutions, and on top of three qualitative reports of the health promotion practices in their everyday culture, we are in the middle of processing future- and research workshops with the involved institutions in order to create common images of a visionary health promoting world of institutions for disabled.
    StatusUdgivet - 2013
    Begivenhed7th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference: Promoting Health in Everyday Settings - Vestfold University College , Vestfold, Norge
    Varighed: 17 jun. 201319 jun. 2013


    Konference7th Nordic Health Promotion Research Conference
    LokationVestfold University College

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