Climate Change as Disaster or Icing on the Cake?

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My paper looks at how climate change has dramatically altered not only the political climate between Greenland and Denmark, but also within Greenland itself. In a book published in 2012 in Danish, Denmark: Rigsfaellesskab, Tropical Colonies and the Postcolonial Aftermath, I looked at how Denmark has understood itself through its relationships with its former colonies in the North Atlantic, the tropics, as a reluctant emerging multicultural society, and through international intervention (development aid). After completing this book, I have turned the gaze to Greenland, to see how it understands its position in an Arctic that has emerged as a focus for neoliberally driven resource extraction, geopolitical power games, and science (climate change, ecology etc). The paper will investigate how climate change is produced as a local, national, inter-Rigsfællesskab, regional and global Greenlandic narrative.
Publikationsdatomaj 2014
Antal sider1
StatusUdgivet - maj 2014
BegivenhedInternational Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) VIII: Northern Sustainabilities - University of Northern British Columbia (NBC), Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Varighed: 22 maj 201426 maj 2014
Konferencens nummer: 8


KonferenceInternational Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) VIII
LokationUniversity of Northern British Columbia (NBC)
ByPrince George, British Columbia


  • climate change, Greenland, scramble for the Arctic, sustainability, political agency

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Jensen, L. (2014). Climate Change as Disaster or Icing on the Cake?. Abstract fra International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS) VIII, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.