Characteristics of the regimes of ‘problem orientation' and of ‘problem based learning'

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    I discuss the particularities about the problem oriented project work tertiary educational regime (POPW). The principle has had a radical embodiment in Roskilde University, and is as well an element in the foundation of the regime in Aalborg University AAU. The article presents the principle and organisation of POPW and how the principle reconfirms itself in spite of institutional processes that often do not support the new university thinking. Difference compared to other universities is the first level of presentation. The difference to more traditional and paradigmatic universities are aspects as; academic education up front for the bachelor students; and that the students are seen as active subjects, learning the practice for academic knowledge work while they are carrying the responsibility for substantial aspects of working with science as an unfolding process of knowing. A similarity to AAU system is assumed - as some parts of the vocabularies and structures and philosophical background. Differences between the RUC principle of POPW and the AAU principle of PBL are discussed. The difference is to some extent explained as semantic. In the core of this discussion is the meaning of academic knowing and academic learning. The meaning of problem orientation and the meaning of exemplarity are discussed, as they are formulated in texts created and used within the two institutions. Finally I discuss proposals for further reflection in order to specify genuine sameness and significant difference of the two regimes, and how organizers can see these aspects as giving edge to university policies that are enacted.
    TitelVisions, Challenges and Strategies : PBL principles and methodologies in a Danish and global perspective
    RedaktørerLone Krogh, Annie Aarup Jensen
    Antal sider12
    ForlagAalborg Universitetsforlag
    ISBN (Trykt)978-87-7112-099-8
    StatusUdgivet - 2013
    BegivenhedVisions, Challenges and Strategies for Problem based Learning International onference, 4 - 6 MAY 2010 - at Aalborg University - Ålborg, Danmark
    Varighed: 4 maj 20106 maj 2010


    KonferenceVisions, Challenges and Strategies for Problem based Learning International onference, 4 - 6 MAY 2010 - at Aalborg University


    • Problemorienteret uddannelsesregime
    • Problembaseret læring

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