Austerity, Retrenchment and the Welfare State: Truth or Fiction?

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Are we living in an age of permanent austerity? In this insightful book, Bent Greve provides a comprehensive empirical analysis of welfare states since 2000, exploring the ways in which austerity can be measured and quantified and how far retrenchment has impinged on European welfare states.
Featuring clear and succinct discussions defining austerity and retrenchment, Greve offers strong methodological approaches to the measurement of austerity. This timely book provides detailed comparative European analysis, unpacking changes in health care, pension systems and employment policies to better understand the nature, impact and extent of austerity in welfare services.

Detailed and nuanced, this book is critical for students of social policy, sociology and political science exploring contemporary European austerity programs. Researchers will also benefit, as the author casts new light on the development and trajectories of the modern welfare state.
ForlagEdward Elgar Publishing
Antal sider176
ISBN (Trykt)9781789903706
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781789903713
StatusUdgivet - 2020


  • austerity, retrenchment, equality

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