Aspects of the Genesis of Linear Perspective: Pedagogical and theoretical comments on how sighted people and one blind girl perceive and draw a cube

Publikation: Working paperForskning


This article is a contribution to the study of how sighted and blind people perceive and draw cubes. For many years the author has taught sighted people perspective drawing and published books in Scandinavia about drawing. His point of departure in this article is pointing out typical obstacles sighted people run into seeing and drawing linear perspective. Blind people’s conditions for drawing a cube are presented and compared with the ones sighted people meet. The overall aim of this article is to contribute pedagogically and theoretically to explain a basic paradox, pointed out by professor of psychology John M. Kennedy, that blind people intuitively and rapidly seem to invent perspective drawing, a phenomenon sighted people in The Middle Ages used more than a hundred years to develop.
UdgiverRoskilde Universitet
Antal sider41
StatusUdgivet - 2007

Bibliografisk note

Paper at the 48th Psychonomics Society Meeting
Tactile Research Group Meeting
November 15th, 2007

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