Articulating Design Approaches? Position paper for the workshop "Approaches to Work Analysis for CSCW systems design

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    We are working on an approach for designing CSCW systems since we advocate the importance of generalizing from own work practice as designers and from studies of designers working under industrial conditions. We use the term approach as something in between commodified methods and isolated techniques supporting one or a few activities. Our background is computer science. In our design approach we use a combination of intervention and ethnographic techniques. The question for us is how to present our approach: what kind of guidelines and at what level of detail might designers from industry find useful. These are the question we would like to discuss at the workshop.
    StatusUdgivet - 1994
    BegivenhedCSCW '94, the Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work - Chapel Hill, NC, USA
    Varighed: 22 okt. 199426 okt. 1994


    KonferenceCSCW '94, the Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work
    ByChapel Hill, NC

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