Arctic falcons population monitoring data

Skip Ambrose (Producent), David L. Andersson (Producent), Peter J. Bente (Producent), Travis Booms (Producent), Kurt K. Burnham (Producent), Suzanne Carrière (Producent), Johan Ekenstedt (Producent), Falk Knud (Producent), Alastair Franke (Producent), Sergey Ganusevich (Producent), Kenneth Johansen (Producent), Olga Kulikova (Producent), Peter Lindberg (Producent), Berth-Ove Lindström (Producent), Svetlana Mechnikova (Producent), Søren Møller (Producent), Dave Mossop (Producent), Olafur K. Nielsen (Producent), Tuomo Ollila (Producent), Arve Østlyngen (Producent)Ivan Pokrovsky, Kim Poole, Marco Restani, Robert Rosenfield, Ted Swem

    Publikation: Bidrag der ikke har en tekstformDatasætForskning


    The Arctic Falcon Specialist Group (AFSG) is an informal network of biologists with a research focus on Arctic-breeding peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) and gyrfalcons (Falco rusticolus). AFSG was established to enhance the coordination and collaboration on the monitoring of the two Arctic falcon species and the initial joint effort was to compile the first overview of Arctic falcon monitoring sites, present trends for long-term occupancy and productivity, and summarize information describing abundance, distribution, phenology and health of the two species – based on data for 24 falcon monitoring sites across the Arctic. The analyses were published in the journal Ambio (Franke et al. 2020) as a contribution to the terrestrial Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (CBMP) defined by Arctic Council’s Biodiversity Working Group (Christensen et al. 2018).

    The data compiled from across the Arctic for the analyses by Franke et al. (2020) are here made available for wider usage and comparisons. However, for the analyses in the Ambio paper, some filtering procedures were applied (e.g. time series shorter than 10 sampling years, or fewer than 10 territories monitored), excluding some of the original data that are now made available in this dataset. In addition, some co-authors preferred either to conduct separate uploads of respective data, or declined the invitation to make the data publicly available (see attached map overview of monitoring sites); hence this dataset does not exactly match the data analysed by Franke et al. (2020).

    This data set contains the annual estimates of peregrine and gyrfalcon ‘occupancy’ and ‘productivity’ in respective monitoring sites; for definitions as well a discussion of challenges in determining, interpreting and comparing those figures across sites with different sampling procedures please consult Franke et al. (2020 and 2017).
    Publikationsdato28 dec. 2020
    StatusUdgivet - 28 dec. 2020

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