ARCHIVE 1: Inquiries in visual memory

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This book is not at book.
This book is publishing as an artistic practice.

This book is the result of an artistic practice in the period from the beginning of 2009 to the end of 2016. In this period has this 32 individual project been developed and processed. This book started 2009 in a rather different medium namely as a website called – and at that time the coming projects was introduced at the website in this way:

“I want to investigate the visible world, or more precisely to transform everyday life into visible images that can be used to tell about culture and life. The image is here used as an investigative tool too makes inquiries in everyday life and in our visual memory. This means that conceptual frames and guidelines are used to construct the gaze of the concrete projects.”

The image used here is mostly photographs but also drawings, painting, video, models produced – and images from private and public archives and popular magazines. This collections of images is then organized in sequences of images where the story is in the individual picture and in the relation between pictures. It is the telling of the images and a telling with the pictures with the intention to get closer to the archive and to the museum as a storehouse or archive of objects, stories and memories.

Visual memories are more than the concrete and physical picture with a structure and material used to capture or express something. The image is used to construct ways of seeing and to display ways of seeing in narratives. One could call these processes for memories that are drawn from the remembered - and the unremembered and hidden where the visual is used in an artistic practice to transform the unremembered and hidden into visual meaning.

The five themes of projects in this book is framed in a short text but most of all they will remain visual:

— The Border_Projects

— The Museum_Inside Projects

— The Release_Projects

— The Discourse_Projects

— The Tango_Projects
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ISBN (Trykt)978-87-995101-3-9
StatusUdgivet - 7 jul. 2017


  • exhibition
  • transvisual
  • art
  • proces
  • visual culture
  • remembrance
  • memory
  • archive
  • museum

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