Analysing Communication

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Analysing Communication is an introductory textbook to communication studies.

This book introduces a tool for communication analysis and shows how it can be used not only to discuss different theoretical and ontological perspectives on communication and communication processes, but also as a tool with which we can analyse communication.

The first chapter explains why communication analysis is central to communication studies. In order for the communication professional or scholar to analyse communication and communication processes, they need to address communication from a theoretical point of view communication. The following chapters presents seven communication traditions:

The cybernetic tradition
The sociopsychological tradition
The rhetorical tradition
The semiotic tradition
The sociocultural tradition
The phenomenological tradition
The critical tradition

The book ends with an overview of alternative views and shows how the concluding case can be analysed from the seven traditions.
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Antal sider122
ISBN (Trykt)9788757452976
StatusUdgivet - 11 aug. 2022

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