A Psycho-Societal Approach: A project about Danish vocational bachelor students admitted on the basis of an Individual Competency Assessment (IKV) in light of a life historic and a Psycho-Societal Approach

Karsten Mellon

    Publikation: KonferencebidragPaperForskning


    The project is based on understanding subjective perspectives in the learning process and education participation.
    It will focus on recognition of prior learning, how that plays a role in the learning subjects student-career, and how the process of identity progresses. The students here are from teacher and pedagogue programs already enrolled at the vocational bachelor program.
    Publikationsdatoapr. 2014
    Antal sider12
    StatusUdgivet - apr. 2014
    Begivenhed2. Biennale on Validation of Prior Learning - University of Applied Science Inholland, Rotterdam, Holland
    Varighed: 9 apr. 201411 apr. 2014


    Konference2. Biennale on Validation of Prior Learning
    LokationUniversity of Applied Science Inholland


    • psycho-societal
    • competencies
    • life history
    • life history approach
    • competences
    • recognition of prior learning
    • prior learning
    • realkompetence
    • Learning
    • life long learning

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