A Danish nursing home for all nationalities - an every day life approach

Anne Leonora Blaakilde, Eva Algreen-Petersen, Christine E. Swane

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Abstract for workshop: Aging immigrants and refugees
Danish nursing home for all nationalities – an everyday life approach
Anne Leonora Blaakilde, Eva Algreen-Petersen, Christine E. Swane

In the city of Copenhagen a public nursing home is developing a new profile that aims at attracting especially older migrants and refugees to spend their last months or years in an institutional setting in order to provide them with the necessary care.
For more than 100 years Denmark has offered public nursing homes to frail older persons and hence represents a culture where institutional caretaking is accepted and expected. Today, the major part of homecare and nursing homes in Denmark are public or subsidised by state and municipalities. However, the migration populations in Denmark do not utilize public help and care in old age at any significant level.
This is the reason why the municipality of Copenhagen is developing a specific ‘diversity profile’ in an existing public nursing home in Copenhagen; Peder Lykke Centeret.
The municipality of Copenhagen together with the EGV Foundation carries out a research project during the three years of developing the ‘diversity profile’. The research project focuses on everyday life of particularly inhabitants but also of family caregivers and staff. The methodological approach is phenomenological through ethnographic fieldwork and qualitative interviews. The aim is to follow the discourses and practices related to concepts of diversity as they may change during the three years, as well as the everyday life communication, care routines and rituals related to individual social and cultural needs.
This presentation will report about the beginning of the process; focusing on negotiations, expectations, and experiences represented by staff, new inhabitants of different ethnic origin and their family members.
Anne Leonora Blaakilde, MA, PhD, research consultant at EGV Foundation (Social inclusion of older persons) [email protected]

Eva Algreen-Petersen, MA, PhD, Consultant in the Municipality of Copenhagen, Department of Health and Elderly Care. [email protected]

Christine E. Swane, MA Cultural Sociology, PhD, Director at EGV Foundation (Social inclusion of older persons) [email protected]

Publikationsdato14 aug. 2014
StatusUdgivet - 14 aug. 2014
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Begivenhednordic migration research - Oslo University, Oslo, Norge
Varighed: 11 aug. 201612 aug. 2016


Konferencenordic migration research
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