Trade Union Responses to Challenges from above and below:

  • Scheuer, Steen (Anden)
  • Hyman, Richard (Projektdeltager)

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    This project investigates the impact of globalization and of EU integration upon the balance between consonance and dissonance between union strategies and social attitudes among the actual and potential membership in EU member states. Of special interest is what the policies and strategies are, with which trade unions are adopting to confront internationalization. What is the balance between convergence or divergence in these policies and strategies? Immediate responses to novel challenges often being defensive, can trade unions turn themselves into proactive, strategic actors?
    Is there evidence of a process of organisational learning which encourages proactive, second-order strategies and meta-policies, rather than mere reactions to short-term problems? To what expect are European trade unions capable of moving beyond existing policies, values and strategies, for example through an emphasis on an embedded freedom of individual choice in the employment relationship, rather than centralized choices by union leaders (and employers’ associations) or shop stewards bargaining with company managers?
    These issues will be analysed in a comparative investigation utilizing both a substantial number of qualitative elite interviews with key actors in ten EU countries representing the prevailing labour market models, and quantitative surveys enabling this analysis to cover not only the discursive views of strategic actors, but also the more generalized views of employees in the 10 selected countries.
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