Towards a New Ethical Imagination Political and social values in a cosmopolitan world society, Studiekreds i Nordisk Sommeruniversitet

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    Towards a New Ethical Imagination
    Political and social values in a cosmopolitan world society
    This study group investigates the ethical and social values in a cosmopolitan world society. We examine the paradoxes, dilemmas and tensions in recent debates about ethical, political and social values in contemporary societies. We can observe that ethical problems increasingly have been a central problem in public debates in Nordic societies and in the international community. Where ethics earlier was conceived as a concern only for individual human beings, ethics is now a problem that is present in all areas of society and in all institutions of society. Therefore it is now relevant to talk about social ethics, societal ethics and ethics in global society and we would add ethics in a cosmopolitan society where all problems and solutions concern the whole world and not only separated parts of particular communities. In this context we need to develop a socially relevant ethical reflection and competency and a social ethical and cosmopolitan public debate that can qualify and contribute to debate about good solutions of the dilemmas and paradoxes that we face in global community. We need to build on existing theory and research and we need to develop these reflections in order to make concrete choices and decisions in relation to contemporary problems and practices. There is also a need for publication of this work so that the Nordic and international public debate can have possibilities of a qualified ethical reflection over these problems and paradoxes.
    The coordinators of the study group
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