The Struggle of State-Building in Palestine: Exploring "State-less"-Society Relations in the West Bank

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In his seminal work Strong Societies and Weak States, Joel Migdal (1988: 15) argues that, “for those of us in the West, the state has been part of our natural landscape. Its presence, its authority, its place behind so many rules that fashion the minutiae of our lives, have all been so pervasive that it is difficult for us to imagine the situation being otherwise.” This project aims to shed light on precisely the situation where a state is not in sight – the struggle of state-building in Palestine and its impact on stateless-society relations in the West Bank (WB), a problem area that thus far remains under-researched. We aim to fill this gap through a thorough literature review of the existing debates on state-society relations and intensive fieldwork in the WB. Our analysis will build on our engagement with the ongoing literature and will create state of the art knowledge in this field (see below).
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The Governance Deficit in the Middle East Region

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The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank: The Theatrics of Woeful Statecraft

Pace, M. & Sen, S., 2019, Oxon: Routledge. 100 s. (Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Democratization and Government).

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The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank: The Theatrics of Woeful Statecraft. Jadaliyya interview with authors Pace and Sen: NEW TEXTS OUT NOW

Pace, M. & Sen, S., 22 jul. 2019, 1 s. ASI (Arab Studies Institute) : Jadaliyya.

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Norway's ambiguous approach towards Israel and Palestine: Forum: The occupation of Palestinian territories since 1967: an analysis of Europe’s role

Pace, M., 10 aug. 2018, I : Global Affairs. 4, 1, s. 65-76 12 s.

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