Synergies for the Development of Food Systems (Public Private Partnerships)

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The purpose of this pilot project is to map and analyse the extent to which the EU and the Danish Circular economy strategy contributed to the energence of Public Private Partnerships in the food value chain and among which type of actors. The project builds on a previous Circles project where we examine the role of Municipalities and their activities in Lejre and Bornholm. Now the project will expand to other actors, such as restaurants, hotels and retailers and NGOs. As it is a pilot project, it does not aim to map all actors but identify type of actors starting from Sjæland. The aim is to explore how these actors understand and include in their strategy the circular economy and what do they aim to achieve. For example, is it for economic, social or environmental reasons, the three dimension of sustainability. Which one of the three dimensions is the most significant. In order to do so, we consider how these PPPs are linked to the following Sustainable Development Goals, namely, 3,5,11,12, 17
Effektiv start/slut dato01/01/201931/12/2021