Subjectivity and the First-Person Perspective in the Social Study of Technology

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The project explores how to include human subjectivity and the first-person perspective in the theoretical and methodological framework of the social study of technology. In a first step the project analysis the mechanistic effect thinking and the widespread removal from view of the subjective dimension of human life in psychology today. In addition, the problem of how the research from an external, third-person perspective implied in such an approach reproduces the dichotomy between human beings and technology. On this basis, the case is put for the conceptual inclusion of human subjectivity, showing why this requires the first-person perspective and offering an outline of guiding principles of the study of technology from the subject standpoint. The project tries to elaborate how a first-person perspective can overcome individualistic positions and opens up a situated, social-symmetrical epistemology that also includes the analysis of the power and materialized actions of technological artifacts.
Effektiv start/slut dato01/02/200901/12/2012