SPADE: Speech Across dialects of English

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The project aims to develop and apply user-friendly software for large-scale speech analysis of existing public and private English speech datasets, and to understand how English speech has changed over time and space. The datasets are comprised of both Old World (British Isles) and New World (North American) English across an effective time span of over 100 years.

SPADE is a research collaboration across five British and North American institutions (University of Glasgow, McGill University, North Carolina State University, University of Edinburgh, University of Oregon) and is funded by the Transatlantic Platform (T-AP) Digging into Data Challenge via contributions from the ESRC (UK), AHRC (UK), SSHRC/CRSH (Canada), NSERC/CRSNG (Canada) and the NSF (USA).

The SPADE project and development of the ISCAN software would not be possible without the Data Guardians who agreed to share their corpora with the project. This input has been so crucial that we consider the Data Guardians as co-authors of all SPADE-related output which makes use of private, project-external, datasets. Listing all Data Guardians as authors is impractical and we therefore group them into ‘the SPADE Consortium’ to permit abbreviation of the author list. In so doing we have followed many of the conventions adopted by the Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Language Structures (APiCS) (, and thank the potential Data Guardian who drew our attention to this method of acknowledging the time and effort taken by the Data Guardians to create their corpora.


My research data (anonymised) is represented as part of the SPADE Consortium, where I am represented as a Data Guardian and member of the Consortium.

Anne Fabricius, the Modern RP Corpus

Fabricius, A. H. (2000). T-glottalling between stigma and prestige: a
sociolinguistic study of Modern RP. Unpublished Ph.D. thesis.
Copenhagen, Denmark: Copenhagen Business School. URL:

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