Re-thinking Problem-oriented Learning and the Challenge of Global Learning

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As Denmark has moved from being a highly linguistically and culturally homogenous society to a more diverse one, and as internationalisation strategies result in larger numbers of non-Danish and non-European students participating in higher education, universities are looking for ways to respond constructively to this diversity. RUC has responded strategically by introducing a new pedagogic principle of ‘international insight and vision’ encouraging all educational programmes to integrate international, intercultural and global perspectives. However, it is not obvious how to translate this new principle pedagogically. This project theorises how this principle can work with the whole pedagogic model at RUC to re-articulate PPL as a powerful form of global learning, which the new principle implies. The PPL principles of ‘exemplarity’ and ‘problem-orientation’ are examined through the concepts of: the politics of belonging; global learning; and ecologies of knowledge.


The project will develop strategic and pedagogic actions that can a) rearticulate PPL as a powerful form of global learning, and b) offer pedagogic direction to PBL more widely.


This project explores how Roskilde University's Principle 7 (International Insight and Vision) can be translated into teaching and learning strategies.
Kort titelPPL and Global Learning
Effektiv start/slut dato14/01/201928/05/2019